Create Richer

We want people to use and love our products. Our passion for people and design compels us to identify and translate latent needs into products that surprise and delight our customers. In the end, when people truly value something, it makes their lives richer.

Create Richer

We know how hard it is to deliver great design. It takes trust, passion and focus both within our team and the like-minded partners we collaborate with.

It is this true collaboration that is key to ensuring the design fulfils a genuine unmet need, exceeds commercial expectations and is a life enriching experience for everybody involved.

Thinking outside the chair.

Our research, observations and experimentation has resulted in some key design principles that we feel will drive the design of this next generation of chairs.


Sitting is an activity with many modes, many stances and many outcomes. A chair should adapt, seamlessly, without you having to move out of the seat and let you get on with the task at hand, whatever that may be. We sit differently. All of us. We all have unique seat-prints—signature patterns that define who we are. A chair should allow us to sit the way we want to sit.


We don’t sit still at work, so the chair needs to move with us. Not only should the chair allow us to sit the way we want to sit but it should also allow us to move the way we want to move. The body is designed to move and is at its most effective when it is in motion. The chair should be dynamic.


All design activities have to deal with paradoxes, conundrums and conflicting requirements. A chair, while being flexible and adaptive, needs to provide some basic support too. A chair needs to be a good host for the human body, one that supports the activity


Comfort satisfies the mind as well as the body. The concept of comfort has two main features: it has both a physiological component as well as a psychological component. The appearance of a chair should set up expectations of comfort even before you sit down.


A chair should not require a  set of instructions to operate but should be thoughtful in the way that you relate to it. The controls should be instinctive and work across all cultures and language: they should be universal and thoughtful. 


Doing right by the environment is an increasingly important part of our designs. We strive for the best holistic solutions we can achieve because we believe it is the right thing to do.

We have a history of using waste stream or carbon neutral materials, minimising material use, creating efficient paths to market, designing for long life and end of life reuse/recover/recycle– we consider the environment through every part of product life. Our goal is to ‘do good’ - not just ‘less harm’.

How we do it

Study People and Their World.

We seek to understand people, anticipate future needs and desires, and ensure our product solutions respond.

Observe and Analyse.

Innovation and inspiration can come from uncovering unspoken needs, by gaining empathy and understanding motivations at a deep level. We make observations and distil them into authentic insights that form the real opportunity.

Find Inspiration.

Passions and interests fuel the energy of the studio. We find inspiration from fine art to race cars, from architecture to graffiti. For us inspiration is everywhere.

Know the Market.

By thoroughly understanding the market and the gaps, we clearly position our products to add to the likelihood of commercial success.

Own the Opportunity.

Our design teams dive deep into the research to make previously unseen connections. By understanding and identifying the need, the design team then owns the opportunity – passionately driving it to delivery.

Live the Brief.

A good brief challenges that which has previously been taken for granted and find solutions that make the seemingly impossible, possible. Our brief is a live document that evolves and a guiding light that we refer back to throughout the design process.

Embrace Technology.

Nothing stands still. New technologies and new materials are continually being developed. We explore them, manipulate them and use them to find better solutions.

Prototype and Validate.

We prototype early and often. Our in-house workshop and hands on approach gives every team member the freedom to explore and interact with ideas. Validation varies in scale from informal testing and debate to vigorous independent user trialing and accurate data gathering.

Build IP

Every new project builds our IP asset, is integral to protecting our solutions and broadens our platform for new product opportunities.

Critique Regularly.

We are constantly critiquing our own work both internally and with an independent stakeholder group. We consult them regularly to trial the prototype, review the aesthetic, debate the value and keep our work relevant.

Develop and Test

We design to exceed the toughest world standards. We create detailed CAD models, undertake FEA, build physical models and prototype tool components to prove the design. We undertake static, cyclic, abuse and stability testing and deliver a detailed robust engineered solution.

Build the Story.

Who doesn’t love a good story? The story is an integrated part of our development process. It begins to build when we have ‘identified the need’ and evolves throughout the project. It is ultimately the foundation for the product to go to market.

Partner with the Best

We collaborate with world leading brands to bring our designs to the market. We identify partners that share our cultural values and ambition to create new to the world products that fulfil genuine unmet needs. We believe that working together is the key to success.