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We designed a chair for the most dynamic place in the home.

The dining space is the heart and soul of the home. It's where it all happens. It’s the place for the evening meal and the elaborate dinner party, the home office, the homework space, the cup of tea and a chat space—a place to congregate, to share, to tell stories. 

noho move is a chair that promotes healthy freedom of movement and better support for the wide variety of activities we enjoy at home.


80% of what we do at the dining table isn't dining.

Hundreds of hours of observation were used to understand and quantify both how and why we sit. These insights and the realisation that our bodies demand much more performance from our home furniture than the market currently offers formed the opportunity and became the core driver during the design of the project.

We all have our own unique seat-print—signature characteristics that define who we are.

We all have our own unique seat-print—signature characteristics that define who we are.


Why can't we have beautiful, ergonomic furniture in our homes?

noho move evolved from thousands of hours building and experimenting with working prototypes to explore the motions of the body and understand how to provide comfort and support during the wide range of postures we undertake during daily activity. This lead us down a path that pushed the amalgamation of design and engineering, material research and manufacturing processes to create a new performance for the market.

Why we move.


The chair moves actively with you to support the wide range of activities in the home, whether home is an apartment in a mega city or a lifestyle home in the country. In the ‘kitchen /dining space’ we not only share the traditional evening meal and hold the occasional dinner party, but it is the home office space, the homework space, the craft space and importantly the space where we congregate, to share, to tell stories.


The chair flexes continuously to support your body, reducing static loading on muscles and intervertebral disks. This continuous movement also promotes wellbeing by helping the mind to relax or focus like tapping a foot or clicking a pen.


The chair combines motion and compliance into one dynamic movement that supports you as you constantly move from one posture to the next delivering a new level of comfort

Doing better by the environment.

noho move is designed to last (tested to commercial furniture standards), made from low carbon footprint waste stream materials, has minimised parts and material usage with efficient structures and all packaging is 100% recyclable.


Finally, a chair that moves the way you do.

Fluid Rocking Motion

The Fluid Rocking Motion allows you to move seamlessly from upright to forward active and recline. This motion subtly activates your muscles and reduces static loading. This motion also supports a ‘forward active’ posture that we take very time we lean forward to eat, talk, write or work at a laptop.

Dynamic Back

The Dynamic Back form flexes to support you in a reclined posture that you take when you contemplate and stretch, allowing the spine to extend, resetting your posture and reducing static loading on the intervertebral disks.

Compliant Shell

The auxetic pattern enables the seat shell to change form and combine all the motions into one dynamic movement supporting you as you move constantly from one posture to the next and providing great comfort throughout.

Optional Topper

The sustainable wool Topper fits snugly over the shell to add a touch of colour, additional comfort and is swappable for a change in style or for easy cleaning.

Efficient Packaging

Designed for direct to customer distribution, noho move ships knocked down in a L shaped box for shipping and handling efficiency, and to provide a unique unboxing experience.

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